To double the prize that may be won, reveal a blackjack which is normally 21 points

Diamond symbols help one to win all the prizes at once from the card

It is advisable to start free trial games before putting money.

In order to win easily, start by betting low amounts. Raise the bets as the game progresses since one gets more comfortable with time.

In playing the game one should keep in mind that it is a game of chances and therefore one should be prepared for anything and incase one loses should quit that game that day and try another day.

Game controls

One starts by placing a bet

Choose the ten cards that should be bet on

Play by pressing the play button

In case of any win, the prize will be credited in the account automatically.

Every casino game is a game of chances and this means that one can either win or lose. To increase the chances of winning, one has to master the rules of the game. Every casino has their own kind of prizes which is normally determined by the luck someone has. The game can be played in different kind of casino including the online ones.

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