There are many casino games today and among the interesting ones is the 5 diamond black jack game. It is a very interesting game which is enjoyed by many. It’s a kind of a scratch card game that involves gems being turned from cards.

It involves black jack and scratch card being mixed together to form a gem which is used in the game. The scratch card is normally obtained from RTG which is the company in charge of making scratch cards. Every player has equal chances of winning and the winner is normally rewarded great prizes.

How the game is played

In order to be successful, one has to master the tricks of the game and learn how to play the game properly. This is a very simple game and easy to learn. To play the game, one starts by choosing an amount and betting on it. After this, one activates the card by clicking the playing option. After clicking the playing option, one clicks on the prize option to reveal the kind of prizes that may be won. The scratch all button can be pressed to display all prizes that may be won once. One can know if they have won if they get a diamond symbol or getting a higher amount than the dealers. One can also win if they get a blackjack 21.

To access the casino cashier, from where one can do deposits, withdrawals and redeem bonus coupons, one can press the cashier button. In order to know the rules of the game, the rules button is normally pressed. In case one needs help in playing the game, one can press the help button.

To bet, use the up and down arrows to choose the amount to bet which is normally from $1 and $10.


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