Ensure that players participate in the game by following the rules. Verify that bets are placed in Betfair Promo Codes . Eliminate any possible doubt or uncertainty during game management. Ensuring proper management of the game at all times. Be a symbol of transparency and integrity. Transmit the sense of respect for the game and for the players. Being courteous and lovable by creating the best possible entertainment experience for customers. These and still others are the aspects that characterize one of the most peculiar professional skills in the world.

Some think that the croupiers are adventurers ready to travel around the world chasing their passion for the game. There are the “restless souls” who take advantage of their profession to travel from one place to another. Sooner or later, however, we get tired and look for stability. Increasingly, the croupiers become permanent: once inserted into a casino where they are well, they end up staying there. The exceptions? Croupiers working on cruise ships. Mostly they are seasonal jobs or are carried out only for a few years. Then usually the croupiers are looking for stagnation to start a family together with the possibility of making a career.

The indispensable requisites

To become a good croupier you need:

– Mental elasticity and excellent calculation skills

-Excellent dexterity in handling chips, cards and various components of different games

– Clean criminal record

– Predisposition to interpersonal relationships and preparation for customer care

-Availability to work at night and on holidays

– Ability to maintain concentration

– Diplomacy and courtesy with customers

– Knowledge of at least one foreign language (the most useful is English, but each casino requires different languages, and on cruise ships it is good to also speak French, German and Spanish).

In Italy there are only 4 casinos, and the croupiers are chosen among the citizens residing in the municipality where the gambling house is located. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to succeed in making a career and become a croupier in Italy. The situation abroad is different: in Europe, the country that offers more job opportunities is undoubtedly England, where there are hundreds and hundreds of casinos constantly looking for staff.